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Bicycle Cover: Which One to Choose? Top 10 Best Covers for Your Bike

Top Best Covers for Bike

Today it is difficult to imagine the life of a cyclist (whether amateur or professional) without such an accessory as a bicycle cover. In stores, you can find a variety of models of such products. Be they bicycle covers for traveling or storing bikes, these devices greatly improve the life of a person who has a bicycle.

If you need to transport your bike by plane or train, then according to the rules, it is impossible to do so without proper packaging. The bike cover will also help if you took your bike with you on a bus or a car, so you don’t have to worry that the dirty wheels can stain or damage something. It gives a kind of aesthetic appearance in transportation and storage.

With the help of an indoor bike cover, you can store the vehicle at home without any additional problems. The accessory has some protective functions. For example, it protects against dust, rain, and exposure to sunlight. It can also protect against small bumps and possible damage.

Varieties of the Bicycle Covers

Despite the large range in specialized stores, the differences between the models are minimal. There are only three types of bike covers. Each of them is discussed below.

  • The first includes the so-called soft covers. This is the most common type. Basically, this cover is designed for storing a bicycle. This type of bike cover for outdoor storage refers to the most budget version since it is sewn from one layer of not always durable fabric and does not provide the necessary protection. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it for transportation.
  • The second is the hard type, which includes both travel and outdoor bike covers. The cost of such a product is naturally higher, but this is due to the excellent quality and wide functionality. Such a bicycle cover is waterproof and consists of several layers of special fabric. There are exceptions when the product is completely made of plastic without the use of fabric in the production. Such a cover is perfectly suited for a folding bike, it is quite durable, and it fulfills well all protective functions.
  • The third type refers to the highest quality and is called rigid fully enclosed bicycle cover. It is ideal for traveling with a bicycle and is used mainly by professional cyclists who do not want to damage their rather expensive bikes. Such bike covers for outdoor storage and transportation are usually made of carbon, which provides good protection from damage. Their cost is prohibitively high, so they are practically not popular.

How Not to Make a Wrong Choice?

Choose a bike storage cover according to your goals. You may only need to store a bike, so a cheap soft case is fine. If you need a weatherproof bike cover for transportation, buy one that is more durable and of higher quality. Choose an accessory that will match the size of your bike. Be sure to measure the height, length, and wheel diameter. Select a product whose dimensions are slightly larger than the bicycle itself.

The choice should be based on the following criteria:

  • appropriateness of size to the dimensions of the bicycle;
  • low weight for easy use;
  • thick fabric of bike rain covers;
  • a reliable zipper and various fasteners;
  • the presence of handles in the design.

Some requirements may vary when choosing. It depends on your purpose of use. Whether you want the bike cover for outdoor or indoor storage, or whether you’re buying it to carry it regularly.

Top-10 Best Bike Cover

B’Twin Bike Cover ($50)

B'Twin Bike Cover

The B’Twin bike cover for rain protection has a large compartment for the bike and two smaller ones for the wheels, as well as a rigid base. It weighs 6.6 lbs and, like most other covers of its kind, comes with a shoulder strap.

The Biknd Helium (almost $500)

The Biknd Helium

It is essentially a soft bag with inflatable walls that protect the bike from damage. Folding to a compact size, it is very easy to use and easy to store.

B&W Bike Box ($300)

B&W Bike Box

The aluminum frame, ABS plastic body with internal padded walls, and wheels B&W Bike Box case will perfectly protect your bike from damage. The design also includes 4 locks and interchangeable wheels.

Chain Reaction Cycles Pro Bike Cover ($250)

Chain Reaction Cycles Pro Bike Cover

This bike cover with waterproof feature and extra interior padding has metal inserts to prevent compression of the bike at its connections and straps for safe carrying.

Polaris Eva Bike Pod Plus ($300)

Polaris Eva Bike Pod Plus

This molded polymer enclosure will take care of any problems you might have during transport and deliver your bike in top condition. The frame is attached to one half and the wheels to the other. The two halves, joining together, close with a zipper.

Evoc Bike Travel Cover ($320)

Evoc Bike Travel Cover

Evoc best bike cover for traveling, already established on the market, come with reinforced fork mounts, external compartments for wheels, compartments for small parts, and several handles. Even large mountain bikes stow quickly and easily in this cover.

Merida Premium Bike Bag ($50)

Merida Premium Bike Bag

This is a nice cover for your bike for a small amount of money. The internal frame design of this padded carrier bag will provide extra protection for your bike. There are also inner separate bags for the wheels.

Scicon AeroComfort 2.0 ($300)

Scicon AeroComfort 2.0

The bike is securely attached to the inner frame of this best bike cover outdoor, the stable position is ensured by a system of straps and the waterproof polyurethane base. High-density padding will protect the bike from damage and impact.

Thule RoundTrip Transition Hard Case ($600)

Thule RoundTrip Transition Hard Case

One of the best waterproof bike covers for all occasions. The price is commensurate with it. The Thule RoundTrip Transition is a cover with a built-in special stand for the bike, which in addition to being convenient for travel, also allows you to easily assemble your bike in minutes.

Scicon Aerotech Evolution ($600)

Scicon Aerotech Evolution

This bike case is made of tough polymer plastic that provides excellent protection for your bike. It is easy enough to pack your bike and use it when riding due to the quality wheels on bearings.

If you want to save money, you can sew or make your bike cover from improvised materials. But remember that such an accessory is unlikely to have the necessary qualities, which means that the risk of damaging the bike during transportation will be quite high. Therefore, we advise you to buy a cover in a specialized store. It is important that it is well-made and meets all your requirements and purposes of its use. If you do not want to bother with sewing a bike cover yourself, you can go to a clothing store, which will do it professionally and to any taste.

At the end of the article, we would like to say that the case for the bike – a very useful thing to a prudent cyclist. Thank you for reading the article!

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