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Benefits of bike riding vs running

jogging vs biking

Both athletics, such as running, and cycling improve a person’s health and strengthen his physical condition. For example, the work of the heart, lungs and other organs and systems important for the normal functioning of the body improves. However, cycling is compared to running quite often.

Biking vs running: health effects

To investigate the differences between running and cycling, a lot of studies were conducted, namely, blood tests were collected from athletes after cycling and running training. After biking was compared to running, it was found that cycling turned out healthier than running. The fact is that running negatively affects the feet, joints, and internal organs.

Moreover, it is not useful for everyone. For example, it is not advisable for people with spinal herbs to run, while cycling is not contraindicated. What’s more, scientists have found that with the same intensity of long-distance training, the runner takes more damage than the rider. The pace of the workout also matters: while running, a person must push off the ground, and then land, taking the whole body weight on the joints of the legs and back. If you ride your bike incorrectly, you can also get into trouble. You shouldn’t put a large gear and press hard with your foot on the pedal, because your knees suffer from this.

It is also necessary to select the gear so that the pedaling speed is optimal, not to arise too much stress. Overweight people need to run more cautiously and buy good quality running shoes. If you have joint and back problems, jogging can be substituted by walking. It is less stressful for the body and is minimally traumatic, but is also less intense.

On a bicycle, you can significantly worsen the condition of the body if you don’t know what the correct fit, the height of the handlebar and seat should be. Improper fit can injure your spine, shoulders, and knees. There are no strict rules in running. More precisely, they only matter for professional athletes to increase their performance.

Cycling vs running: motivation

If you have tried both of these sports, you have probably noticed that running is a grueling workout and cycling is an enjoyable pastime. Not every person can run systematically without missing a single day. Riding a bike and discovering new places and landscapes is a very inspiring activity to overcome the distance, even with a high intensity of training. Riding a bike is obviously more fun than running.

Does biking or running burn more calories?

biking vs running

Both running and cycling are aerobic training. This means that these sports can be used as a weight-loss aid. In this regard, running is much more effective than riding a bicycle. Losing weight while running is twice as fast as while riding. For example, when running at 8 kilometers per hour for two hours, you will spend about 1500 calories, and when riding, about 720 calories at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour.

Athletics is the best way to lose weight quickly. And along with a balanced diet, muscles will also grow. But walking is beyond the competition. It uses a lot of muscles, which means that calories are consumed even faster while running or riding a bike. Running is more intense than cycling and also uses more muscle groups. For example, the abdominal and spinal muscles are trained, which are practically not involved when riding.

It is especially useful to do various exercises with the arms and trunk at the same time as running. But it is easier to ride a bike and spend more time than running while using up the same number of calories. After all, it’s nice to ride for 4-6 hours, and there are few people who can run so much.

Jogging vs biking: accessibility

In this case, the bike loses. You don’t need anything other than running shoes to run. And shoes don’t need to be repaired, they cost several times cheaper than a bicycle. The best running shoes will compare at price to the lowest quality bike. Jogging is available to everyone who wants to do sports. You just need the desire to move forward to achieve results.

What to choose depending on the weather: running or biking?

In winter, there are almost no cyclists. And that is understandable. Who wants to wrap themselves in ten sweaters and be afraid of slipping and falling? Instead, it is better to go jogging during the cold season. This is a more intense sport, so you will warm up quickly. The ability to fall still exists but falling off the bike is much more painful and dangerous.

Other benefits of cycling vs running
biking to running ratio

Another good thing about a bicycle is that you can get it wherever you want on it. Running is unlikely to get you far. On a bike, you can go hiking in other cities and even countries.

To summarize, it is necessary to choose the most effective sport for you individually. So, one person likes running more, another does too but his knees or back hurt. Both athletics, as it was already mentioned, strengthen almost all systems of the human body, especially the cardiovascular system. These sports prevent many diseases, including varicose veins, myocardial infarction, and even depression.

During aerobic exercise, a hormone that regulates the level of a person’s emotions and helps fight bad mood, as well as apathy, is released. The advantage of running is that it develops the muscles of the body most harmoniously. Running also speeds up metabolism more strongly than cycling. This means that the results of training will not keep you waiting.

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