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Best Backpack for Mountain Biking: Detailed Mountain Bike Backpack Reviews

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How to Choose the Best Mountain Biking Backpacks?

A MTB backpack is not just a bag for your gear, but a serious piece of equipment whose choice determines how enjoyable and comfortable a long trip will be. Its presence makes an ordinary trip an independent multi-day hike, without hindering free movement. The best MTB packs are convenient and even necessary for any bike ride or trip. With a good lightweight bike backpack, it is not only easy to bike, but also to run, or just to walk at any pace over any terrain.

A “regular” backpack is no good for a cyclist. In addition to a streamlined shape and lightness, the best MTB backpacks have a number of specific features that can be divided into four groups, based on the requirements for volume, overall design, functionality and fittings. Given the highly specialized purpose, the backpack has a clever construction, which makes it an indispensable piece of equipment.

Main Types of the Mountain Bike Packs

Fans of two-wheeled vehicles are given ample opportunity to choose the best MTB backpack. The variety of models comes down to several options. According to design features, MTB backpacks are divided into the following types:

  • Stationary – complemented by a metal or plastic frame, which is connected to the suspension elements (straps, back and lumbar supports). They belong to the category of expensive packs.
  • Soft MTB pack – provides dorsal supports, profiled straps and cargo belt. At the same, suspension is sewn to the bag, and the absence of a frame makes such backpacks lightweight and compact. At the same time requires careful stowage of the luggage.
  • Framed mountain bike backpack – contains metal and plastic parts that form the vertical and transverse stiffness of the structure. This category also includes models with rigid back supports and mesh inserts.

It is also common to classify bicycle backpacks by volume:

  • up to 20 liters – designed for short urban cycling. It can fit things of the necessities (documents, phone, windbreaker and other small things).
  • 20-25 liters – used for rides in the countryside. Such a volume is enough for a raincoat, a camera, a water supply and provisions;
  • 25-35 liters – the best option for small hikes and outings with overnight stay. You can put everything you need in your best backpack for mountain biking;
  • 35-40 liters – suitable for multi-day bike trips. This volume allows you to take with you a small tent and a sleeping bag;
  • from 40 to 120 liters – multi-volume models, which have several sections and are attached to the bike.

Most modern bike backpacks have compatibility with a drinking system, which eliminates the need for frequent stops. Also, backpacks for mountain biking have balanced weight distribution, which makes cycling easy and comfortable.

Features of the Bicycle Backpacks by Attachment Type

Backpacks with a volume of up to 40 liters refers to the shoulder products. Such bicycle backpacks are attached to the shoulders with the help of straps and additional devices – chest and lumbar mounting systems. Characteristic features of a quality shoulder backpack:

  • thoughtful anatomical design;
  • tags for back ventilation;
  • quick access pockets;
  • watertight fabric and rain cover;
  • reflective prints for increased safety;
  • high impact resistance and secure fittings.

Given the weight restrictions, which depend on the cyclist’s riding style, it is not recommended carrying more than 20 pounds of payload in a shoulder mountain biking backpack. This is not only harmful to the back, but also directly affects the manageability of transport. In this case, it is advisable to buy stationary equipment with mounting on the trunk, which is structurally similar to pants due to the presence of several sections. This includes backpacks in the volume of 40 liters or more. Their distinctive features:

  • three sections – one longitudinal and two transverse, forming “pants”. If necessary, the sections can be undone to obtain a smaller backpack;
  • the front is sloped or supplemented with ledges for easy movement;
  • excludes side pockets and other protrusions that enhance mobility;
  • provide maximum load capacity with correct load distribution;
  • equipped with useful features (shoulder straps, a roomy middle pocket, a system for attaching a hiking mat).

Products from renowned manufacturers meet the standards of quality and durability. Specialists in the development of backpacks apply knowledge in the field of physics, anatomy and aerodynamics, and use high-tech materials. That is why it is recommended to give preference only to proven brands of the best mountain bike packs.

Choosing the Best MTB Pack according to Features and Needs

mountain bike packs

Choosing a backpack for mountain biking is an individual process. But despite the different anatomical features of each person, manufacturers of modern equipment offer amateur products that can always be adjusted to a comfortable performance. How to choose a good bike backpack? It is important to consider the criteria provided by the manufacturers:

  1. Volume. If high-speed descents are provided, you should not overload your back or the bike with extra weight. For convenient operation of the bike is enough backpack volume of up to 20 liters, which is designed for a weight of 5-7 kg. To transport significant loads when cycling at low speeds, it is recommended to choose a stationary backpack of 35-40 liters or more, with a mount on the trunk.
  2. Shape. When choosing the best mountain biking backpack, you should pay attention to the drop-shaped models, which are narrowed to the top, thereby reducing the resistance to the wind and reducing the likelihood of getting caught in the branches. The shape of multi-volume models, as a rule, is standard. In addition to three-sectional products, two-sectional products are also available.
  3. Fastenings. Well-designed mounting systems eliminate discomfort while overcoming long distances. It is important that the shoulder pad doesn’t hinder movements, and the straps don’t squeeze the chest and abdomen. Therefore, before the trip it is necessary to make adjustments to the backpack to suit individual needs. Stationary models have fewer attachment systems, and their stability depends on proper loading.
  4. Hygiene. Given the increased perspiration when cycling, it is worth giving preference to mountain bike backpacks with a mesh for back ventilation. They have a synthetic base, which absorbs moisture and does not impede the free exchange of air. The presence of ventilation in the products indicates the quality of the products, as it guarantees comfort and increases cushioning.
  5. Modern two-wheeled travel backpacks are also available in a variety of colors, allowing you to find the perfect solution for your taste or according to the color scheme of the main outfit.

Useful Tips When Buying the Best Mountain Bike Backpack

best mountain bike backpack

If you pay attention to the smallest details, you are guaranteed to make a successful purchase. This way you will not interfere with the enjoyment of long rides. Additionally, the following tips will help in your choice:

  • High price is not the most important criterion for guaranteeing the highest quality of the product. If there is no need for multiple additional functions and extra volume, you can choose a cheaper and simpler model. The main thing is that the backpack meets the anatomical features, and you do like the look.
  • Give preference to backpacks made of dense, but lightweight material that has water-repellent properties. An additional plus would be the presence of a special rain and dirt cover, which eliminates the need for its separate purchase of tools.
  • It is best to buy bicycle backpacks in specialty stores that sell products of famous brands. This way you will be protected from counterfeit and low-quality goods. A good bike backpack, regardless of the type of attachment, almost does not feel when using, allows you to take all the necessary things and provides confidence on the road.

Top-3 Mountain Bike Backpack Reviews

Mountain Biking maintenance and gear
  1. DEUTER Bike One 20. This backpack is very popular today because of its qualities. This model, like all subsequent models, combines the presence of compartments and pockets, anatomical straps, ventilated back, removable helmet mounts. Backpack volume is 20 liters. It is possible to install a 2-liter drinking system.
  2. DEUTER Cross Air 20 EXP. The mountain biking backpacks are designed for a day trip by bicycle. Its volume is 20 liters. It is also equipped with the Advanced Aircomfort system, thanks to which the owner receives the coolness from three sides and thus does not sweat. In addition, there is a drinking system for five liters, and a helmet mount.
  3. DEUTER Race EXP Air. This backpack is only 15 liters, but the volume can be increased by another three liters. It has a special backrest, thanks to which the cyclist does not sweat even if you have to ride fast in high air temperatures.
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