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Average Cycling Speed by Age and Ways to Increase Your Casual Biking Speed!

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Many cycling enthusiasts tend to compare their riding speed with a good average cycling speed, which is very important for professional cyclists. Even if you aren’t participating in any competition, you are probably wondering how close your speed is to the optimal value. Today we will help you find out what is the average bike speed, taking into account various features, and in addition, we will help you to improve your result.

Average Cycling Speed by Age and Other Factors

Your average speed can be easily calculated without special equipment or complex mathematical calculations. The easiest way is to track exactly one hour and see how much distance you can cover. The result would be your average speed. But to be precise, the average speed is the ratio of the distance traveled by the cyclist to the time spent on the trip. Also, several factors can affect your speed indicator.

Casual Biking Speed Depending on the Type of Bike

The city (walking) bike is designed for riding on a flat road or a relatively smooth forest path. These bicycles don’t weigh much, an average of about 14 kg. They can reach speeds of up to 14 mph, and the indicators in the FTP calculator by age would be in the range of 8-11 mph in the city and about 13 mph on the highway.

The geometry of the road bike (road) is designed specifically for high-speed riding. The main design features are a very high frame parallel to the ground, narrow rims and tires, and a narrow handlebar with special handles. You should ride a highway with your chest pressed against the steering wheel as much as possible. This bike is more aerodynamic, so it is easier to develop and maintain an average speed of 18-21 mph on it.

There are many types of MTB or mountain bike with different characteristics, weights, and geometries. Their main purpose is cross-country skiing. These bikes weigh between 13 and 27 kg depending on configuration and profile. The steering wheel of the MTV is wide, the wheels are large with wide tires. Since these bikes have aggressive tread, average highway speeds are around 16 mph. Changing the tires to smooth tires increases the speed by 2-3 miles per hour. On rough terrain, the speed is usually between 6 and 8 miles per hour.

Average Bike Speed by Weather Conditions

The indicators in good weather without wind and on a flat road would be much higher and more stable than those measured in strong winds and a difficult track. In addition, these figures would differ significantly when comparing the FTP by age chart in warm weather, versus cycling in the rain.

In addition, in extreme heat and terrible cold, the indicators would also be lower, because for a person these would be large factors that affect his well-being. It is unlikely that you want to spend a lot of energy raising your body temperature at 35° C. Also, you won’t be able to drive at high speed for a long time if you don’t protect your body from freezing wind and possible precipitation.

Average Cycling Speed by Age Chart

casual biking speed

The easiest way to measure your average speed is your age. These averages take into account both men and women, under normal weather conditions and little training. As a result, we get the following data:

AgeAverage speed (km/h)Average speed (mph)

Don’t worry too much if the numbers are significantly lower than those indicated. When calculating the average cycling speed by age, take into account the level of physical fitness, the difficulty of the track, weather conditions, and of course the type of bike.

Average Cycling Speed for Beginners

Most bike enthusiasts tend to overestimate the speed at which they ride. Seeing the numbers 16-190 mph on the cycling computer, they believe that they can maintain that speed for a long time. In practice, the real average speed on an asphalt road for 3-4 hours would hardly exceed 13 mph. Of course, this parameter would also depend on the category and level of the bike. On low-quality or small folding bicycles, these numbers would be unattainable.

Professional Cyclist Average Speed

Professional cyclists have completely different physical and technical capabilities. They can maintain an average speed of 19-22 mph on the highway for many hours. In this case, the current speed in some sections of the path can reach 25 mph. When riding in the peloton, these indicators increase significantly. About 32 mph is a bike racing speed that athletes can achieve during serious races, and downhill speeds can be slightly higher! The strongest professionals can drive alone at an average speed of 31 mph.

Cycling speed records are no exception. They are trying to beat them in absolutely various ways, from the use of non-standard technical solutions to the bicycle itself to the use of doping by cyclists. Let’s highlight the most outstanding speed records that cyclists have achieved:

  • the maximum speed on a flat road in an aerodynamic capsule is 83 mph;
  • 138 mph when cycling downhill;
  • the maximum speed in the air pocket of the special vehicle is 167 mph;
  • 207 mph on a jet bike.

How to Increase Your Normal Biking Speed?

ftp by age chart

You might not want to break the bike speed record set by some Olympic champion, but you can improve your typical bicycle speed with a few helpful tips:

  1. Use the smoothest and thinnest tires possible, they have less rolling resistance.
  2. Increase the air pressure in the chambers to the maximum mark (you can find it on the side of the tires).
  3. The quality of your great equipment plays a big role. If you want to achieve outstanding results, you need a quality bike. First, light and roll the wheels.
  4. Eliminate or minimize suspension cushioning as it eats away at the lion’s share of your energy.
  5. Reduce air resistance by adopting the lowest and most comfortable fit possible.
  6. Wear special cycling clothing, it doesn’t hinder movement, it removes moisture and temperature well from your body, as a result, making you more productive.
  7. Exercise constantly. It is regular cycling that would increase your speed performance, gradually climbing higher and higher.

Surely information about the FTP calculator by age can be useful to you if you aren’t going to give up cycling (even at the amateur level), and want to improve your existing results. We recommend that you also find out your speed and compare it with the cycling average speed for your age. Surely it would be interesting, especially if you invite your friends and family to do this research too. We are sure that even if your result isn’t very high, you can improve your result thanks to our advice. The main thing is to try and do it regularly!

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