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Another Deferral – The Vuelta, Tour of Spain, Was Postponed Due to The Coronavirus Pandemic

The Vuelta

The Vuelta a España is one of the most important cycling events in the world. It is taking place primarily in Spain and goes through several European countries. This annual race got high popularity in recent decades and now is associated with the beautiful and sunny landscapes of Spain and Andorra alongside with strong connection with Spanish tradition.

But The Vuelta a España was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as other major cycling events, were rescheduled too. The starting date is still unknown but a few details were revealed. Usually The Vuelta a España consists of twenty-one stages but this year there will be only eighteen of them.

One of the race’s organizers has said that a possible Vuelta autumn start is improbable. Coronavirus pandemic created too many practical issues and restrictions to plan such events ahead.

Originally, the race’s start was planned in the Netherlands but now it was moved to the city of Irun, North Spain.

Postponement of the race to autumn created several issues which are difficult to overcome. A lot of roadworks would be taken in the fall and it will be hard for municipal services to manage the coronavirus shutdown and The Vuelta a España simultaneously.

There’re a lot of uncertainties and the coronavirus pandemic isn’t the worst. The Vuelta a España was held annually and it is believed that this year will be no exception.

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