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Allied Able Bike Review: Know Before You Buy! Top-10 Allied Bikes

Allied Able Bike Review

The first time the company opened its doors was in 2017, with the HIA Velo name. At that time, no one had heard of cycling culture in the small town of Little Rock, Arkansas.

What Do We Know about Allied Cycle Works?

Able Red AXS Complete Bike

But with the arrival of the Allied bikes company, everything has changed and now all of America knows about the guys who make some of the best bicycles in the U.S. and beyond! It’s no coincidence that we chose Allied Cycle Works and decided to do an Allied bikes review because we believe we should support a domestic manufacturer who proudly writes “Made in the USA” on their products. American manufacturing gives the company a huge advantage when we talk about innovation in the manufacturing process and product development. Being a solely American manufacturer isn’t easy these days, but it helps Allied work more openly and responsibly to improve quality control.

Allied has managed to create something unique, a hybrid bike with a carbon fiber frame that is customizable and high performance. The guys at Allied make and build their bikes with their own hands, which gives them a big advantage over other bike manufacturers, who mend bicycles on the assembly line at 1,000 units a day. So what do we know about Allied Cycle Works? Going to their official website, you can read the following. Let’s go to their official website, so we can do an Allied Cycle Works review.

Allied Cycle Works writes on their website that their bikes are built to order. Each bike is created by the hands of craftsmen from high-performance carbon frames. What sets them apart from other similar American bike brands is that their production is completely localized in the US.

Every Allied bicycle is incredibly light, maneuverable, and tuned for high performance. You have the ability to customize it to your specifications and needs. The company offers both frames and complete bikes. We’ll take a look at Allied Able bike today and give you our evaluation of the brand.

Allied Able Bike Review: Fully Implemented Two-in-One Solution

Alfa disc Ultegra R8100 Di2 Complete Bike

The concept of one bike that can replace several is hardly new. After all, cyclocross riders have been using their weekend bikes to train on the road for ages-but only recently have brands made a more concerted effort to develop the idea beyond simply replacing wheelsets. One of the latest models to hit the market is the Able from Allied Cycle Works. This model of the Allied carbon bikes features both adjustable rear dropouts and fork tips that transform the bike from a full road racer in one mode to a powerful gravel machine in another.

Highlights of the Allied Able Review

Echo Dura-Ace R9200 Di2 Complete Bike

What this bike is all about? It is Allied’s two-in-one road and gravel bike. The frame features of this Allied gravel bike are the following: carbon fiber construction, adjustable geometry and tire clearance with front and rear flip chips, fully internal cable routing, lots of custom paint, and lots of build options.

Another important feature of the bike is its weight. As stated by the company, the Builder’s Edition medium frame weights: 1.65 lbs, and 16.6 lbs— weight of the complete bike with SRAM Force Wide, road configuration, but with no pedals or accessories.

The price of the Allied Able bikes starts at $4,880 for the frame kit with Chris King headset, Allied Able outboard, Black Inc. carbon saddle, and Black Inc. carbon handlebar. The full set will cost you $9,655. For this price, you will get premium parts and equipment.

Pros and Cons of the Allied Able Bike

Allied Echo Review

Advantages: quick and easy Allied frame’s geometry conversion, truly two-sided character. Being very light, it remains excellent stiffness, good ride quality, classic smooth aesthetics.

Disadvantages of the Able bike are not very progressive geometry in gravel mode, weak seat tube angle, unusual stem design. As well, this bike is quite expensive.

Our Top-10 Allied Cycles

  1. Echo Dura-Ace R9200 Di2 Complete Bike;
  2. Able Ekar Complete Bike;
  3. Alfa disc Ultegra 8020 Mechanical Complete Bike;
  4. Echo ​​RED AXS Complete Bike;
  5. Echo Rival AXS Complete Bike;
  6. Alfa disc Ultegra R8100 Di2 Complete Bike;
  7. Able Force AXS Complete Bike;
  8. Echo Force AXS Complete Bike;
  9. Able GRX 810 Complete Bike;
  10. Able Red AXS Complete Bike.

We want to single out Echo bikes and tell you more about them.

Allied Echo Review

The Allied Echo is another of the company’s unique bikes. Its frame is designed for a racing road bike, but with customized geometry. This Allied Echo road bike will give you full performance, which has been achieved by fully customizing the geometry of the bike to you and the carbon fiber technology. Once you choose the right bike geometry for you, Allied promises to manufacture and deliver your bike within 60 days of order acceptance. All materials and parts are assembled in the USA.

The bike frame is ultra-light and weighs only 1.8 pounds (0.82 kg). That kind of performance is one of the best value to weight ratios in road bikes. You don’t even have to worry about the quality of the bike assembly. Like the Able, the Echo bike isn’t cheap. It costs from 5000 to 1000 dollars and is also made to order at the company’s factory. The Echo comes in 15 standard frame colors and in addition, you can pick up seven sticker colors. If you want something more customizable, the company is willing to implement all your ideas for a fee.

Allied Echo and Able bikes are bike models that came to replace everyone’s favorite ALLROAD bike. If you are looking for a bike that can ride on roads and gravel, then this killer is definitely for you!

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