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About Bicycle Tubes

Bicycle Tubes

Bicycle tubes are located inside the tire which is called tubing. They provide strong and flexible carcasses for your tires making it possible to change their hardness and resistance level.

Bicycle tubes provide soft and springy acceleration and clutch with the road. The pressure level determines the hardness of the ride and can be tailored for certain riding conditions.

Bicycle tubes’ peculiarities

Bicycle tubes are made of rubber and include only one mechanic part – a tire valve that is characterized by valves. All valves are divided into two types: a Schrader valve which is an automobile type and Presta type which is designed especially for bicycles. Schrader valves are divided into regular and prolonged types. Prolonged valves are used only for rims with an elongated profile. Schader valves are universal and they don’t require a special pump or adapter to be used. That means that in case of breakage you can go to the nearest workshop and ask service workers to inflate your tire. Presta valves can longer keep the air inside than Schrader valves and are more trustworthy.

Bicycle tubes are divided by width, density, thickness, and diameter. Bicycle tubes are selected on the parameters of the bicycle’s rims and tires. Each bicycle type features its own tube type which was designed especially for him.

Cross-country, all-terrain, and mountain bikes feature thick, wide, and dense tubes with tight metal cords around the tires which are able to withstand large pressures and shocks.

Road bikes and city bikes feature thin, slim, and narrow tubes which are way more solid and harder than cross-country bikes’ alternatives.

Sometimes bicycle tires can go flat for no obvious reasons.

Anyway, there are only two of them:

  • First, the tube’s valve might have broken down so you will need to buy a new tube.
  • Secondly, you might have pierced your tire which means that you got a small puncture in it. In that case, you can glue the puncture while checking your tire for foreign objects.

It’s better to buy a high-quality bicycle tube given the fact that it won’t differ much from low-quality tubes in the terms of price or availability.

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