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A Short Guide Among Bicycle Types – How to Pick Your Riding Style

There’re many types of bicycles each of them serves its specific purpose. You can choose a bike for a comfortable city ride from home to work or for a breathtaking mountain trip.

You need to know all peculiarities of each bicycle type if you want your bike to fulfill its purpose. Be sure you know them before purchasing one.

So here’s the list of all main bicycle types which will help you to navigate among them and to choose the right one just for you.

Cross-country bike

mountain bike

You can see them everywhere – in a big city, out in the country, or in the mountain and cross-country races. These bikes are often called sport bikes and for an unsophisticated cyclist, a sport bike is a perfect option for all-purpose rides. They’re usually equipped with disc brakes, two shock absorbers, a comfortable frame, and saddle, and a lot of gears which allow people with all physical training levels to cycle in any environment.

All-mountain bikes

These bikes are created for extreme rides out in nature. They can cover any landscape with the help of massive and wide tires, enlarged shock absorbers, disc brakes, and a lightened frame. All-mountain bike is a cross-country bike in a square.

Freeride/Downhill bike

Freeride/Downhill bike

These bikes are made to perform extreme and quick slopes. Freeride bikes are made in order to withstand enormous loads and damages. They’re heavy and solid and are used only in extreme sports.

City bikes

City bikes

These bikes had been the most popular bicycle type although their popularity has fallen after sports bikes entered the market. The first mass production bikes were very similar to modern city bikes. City bikes can serve for any purpose and they’re extremely suitable for everyday rides to work or for weekend promenades.

They can easily cope with the city landscape and can cover long distances in a short time thanks to their construction and technological aspects. City bikes are the classiest bicycle type and you will look great on it in a suit, dress, or in your everyday jeans and shirt.

A cruiser bike is a subtype of a city bike and is designed for the most comfortable rides. They’re particularly suitable for ladies and gentlemen who want to ride in style.

Road bikes

Road bikes

Road bikes are the fastest and the most difficult to operate and maintain. Their most characteristic features include very slim wheels, big rims size, and specific frame construction which allows cyclists to gain extra speed with the help of the right aerodynamic posture.

Road bikes can be classy too just as city bikes. Classic or sport type of road bikes can meet the needs of any person. They’re very common and are made to cover long distances in the shortest time. You will need to cycle on the city roads and the bike lanes if you want to fully realize the race potential of your road bike.

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