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A Fixed Gear Bike – Pros and Cons

a fixed gear bike

Not everyone has heard about fixed gear bikes but everyone has seen them on the streets. A fixed gear bike is the most minimalist and handy type of bicycle in the world.

Such a bike doesn’t have any gears, switches, brake cables, and other body kit parts. However, such construction doesn’t affect badly on its performance and comfort.

Fixed gear bikes are very popular among cyclists of any level. But they have several disadvantages just like other bicycle types have and unequivocally their benefits are worth to mention.


  • A fixed gear bike is very pleasant for an eye due to its minimalistic performance and often a classic design. Such bikes perfectly suit modern casual and business styles and give a favorable impression.
  • Fixed gear bikes will make you work hard during the ride without outputting you from the comfort zone at the same time. Such a bike has only one gear and pedal brakes making you pedal constantly in the same frequency.
  • Fixed gear bikes are very controllable and they give you the feeling of confidence and full control of the road. Also, fixed gear bikes are very lightweight compared to any other bicycle.


  • Someone can find it difficult to run a bike which has no gear at all. You will need to make the same efforts no matter where you ride: uphill or downhill, on the cycle track, or on the busy sidewalk making rounds around numerous people.
  • Fixed gear bike doesn’t have any amortization and is always equipped with thin rims and tires. These features will make it harder to overcome obstacles such as gouges, curbs, and crossroads.
  • Fixed gear bikes may seem very unusual if you used regular bicycle types such as cross-country or city bikes before. Pedal braking is another fixed gear bike’s feature which could be uncomfortable for a novice rider.
  • Fixed gear bikes are made for smooth rides on flat and comfortable roads. Traveling over ramps and ground undulations and cross-country rides can bring some discomfort but it’s just a matter of habit to get used to it.

Fixed gear bikes don’t have obvious disadvantages because everyone can get used to them experiencing previously unknown impressions and sensations. The idea of riding a fixed gear bike can excite many to choose exactly this particular variation of the bicycle.

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