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The Lightest Foldable Electric Bike: Full A-Bike Electric Review

The Lightest Foldable Electric Bike

In some cases, the cyclist is trying to find a budget, compact model of the bike that will take him leisurely from one point to another. It is Bike A that is a good solution in this situation.

A-Bicycle Electric: A Miracle or Reality?

Some cyclists choose a two-wheeled vehicle so that it meets three basic requirements: comfort, reliability, and compactness. In most cases, these factors are difficult to combine. However, there are exceptions. One of them is the A-Bike folding bike.

The A-Bike Electric is the lightest and most compact electric bicycle in the world. Its tiny electric bike design means it can be folded up for any journey. The pedal-assist system makes it easy to ride and allows for up to 100 miles. The original folding electric bike UK was designed by British inventor Clive Sinclair. Well, as we can see it is not a miracle, it exists! Let’s figure out what is it in more detail.

A-Bike Electric Review

A-Bike Electric Review

The lightest foldable electric bikes are two-wheeled vehicles with small wheels and a small frame. They are mainly used for city trips or in the countryside for short distances. The name of this type of transport — A-Bike folding. This is explained by the fact that bicycles of this type have a frame, the shape of which resembles the letter “A”. In the cycling community, this type of light folding electric bike began to be called a “scooter with pedals”. The reason is simple: small wheels on board. Their height together with the tires rarely exceeds 5 inches. It is necessary to ride such a bike as carefully as possible. The reason is still the same, namely its small wheels.

The characteristics of the A-Bike electric are the following. When folded, it has dimensions of 25 × 12 × 6 inches and easily fits in a backpack. The weight of this miracle of modern technology is only 15 lbs. The A-BIKE has six-inch wheels, with a comfortable and adjustable seat height. A-BIKE has a frame made of 6061T6 aluminum, capable of supporting a weight of up to 200 lbs. The bike unfolds in seconds, requires no special maintenance, and can be a real salvation for city dwellers.

Advantages of the Lightest Electric Folding Bikes

Such transportation offers a number of advantages:

  • Compact size. The presence of small wheels simplifies both storages in winter and transportation;
  • Low weight. Aluminum models weigh up to 22 lbs, which is comparable to expensive cross-country bikes. They can be lifted without any problems, even by teenagers or pensioners;
  • The ability to fold the frame. This feature of the micro folding bicycle eliminates the problem of winter storage. The bike can be comfortably transported on public transport. The folding mechanism has a high level of strength — the maximum capacity of some models is more than 200 lbs;
  • The simplicity of the world’s smallest folding bike design. There is a minimum number of nodes that need constant care. The smallest folding electric bike is perfect for beginner cyclists who want to get acquainted with the simplified structure of two-wheeled transport;
  • Affordable prices. Depending on the attachment, the cost of bicycles is at the level of cross-country models of the budget class. In practice, you can find even cheaper models.

A-Bike Review: Disadvantages

A-Bicycle Electric disadvantages

There are some disadvantages. The first one is small wheels. If you don’t have a drivetrain with the ability to shift gears, you won’t be able to get a lot of speed. But there are exceptions — models of the smallest electric bike that have a large front and a small rear sprocket. There is another problem caused by the small diameter of the wheels. Since they are, frankly, very small, if you hit a large bump in the road, you run the risk of flying over the handlebars. Practice shows that such situations are not frequent, but it will not be superfluous to remember this. Lack of transmission with a derailleur on such electric A-Bikes. Unfortunately, the lightest folding electric bike with a rear and front derailleur is rare. And if you can find such a model, its cost can be frustrating.

So, it is time to summarize. A folding mini bike is a good option if you do not plan to use it for long-distance riding. It is a great alternative to a standard bicycle for urban travel. The ads don’t lie, it really is a super light and compact electric bike that folds and unfolds very quickly.

But it has disadvantages that are an extension of its advantages. The very small plastic wheels are designed for good asphalt. If the asphalt is in potholes or tile, it is impossible to ride.

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