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5 Best Electric Bikes

A lightweight electric bike is a convenient and environmentally friendly transport for the city. Many models are as compact and light as possible to fold and carry. But there are also models for sports riding and even transporting small goods.

Best e-bikes are divided into two types by the principle of operation. If you want to ride effortlessly, you need to choose a bike, which has motors mounted on wheels and operates without a human.

Electric bikes-hybrids have motors installed in connecting rods and start their work at pedaling, which significantly reduces the load on the legs when spinning. But such a bike can not ride completely independently, but only facilitates the work of man. Find out how to choose the best electric bicycle!

Twitter Mantis E1

best electric bikes

Twitter Mantis E1 is the electric bike that heads our e-bike reviews. There are several reasons for this. The battery takes five hours to charge, which is generally similar to other models. But there is a nuance – thanks to its good capacity, it is enough for 120 km. And its speed is 35 km/h. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, and according to the manufacturer’s statements, the type of bicycle belongs to the mountains, for cross country.

The front fork is air-oil, rear-wheel shock – hardtail. There are two types of 15.5 and 17.0-inch frame size for this bike. The wheel diameter is 26 inches, which is enough standard for a bike of this type. The bike also has Shimano SLX hydraulic disc braking system. The number of speeds is 33, and the transmission is also Shimano SLX. The engine power is 350 W, voltage 36 Volts. It is one of the best electric bicycles for city trips or short trips to the countryside.

  • ➕Fast charging
  • ➕Reliable battery
  • ➕Quality of bicycle
  • ➖High price

HIPER Engine BF201

best ebikes

HIPER Engine BF201 — top-rated electric bikes for the city that can fold. The fork is rigid, so it is not the best option for trips on rough terrain. The frame is made of steel, definitely reliable, and able to withstand a bicycle rider up to 120 kg. Wheels with a diameter of 20 inches are optimal for riding in the city.

This best electric commuter bike has a slightly non-standard appearance. As for engine power, it is 250 W. Also worth noting a bonus kit: trunk, chain protection, fenders, electrical equipment, foot. Due to the folding function, it is compact when stored at home, as well as in the case of travel by transport.

  • ➕Good acceleration
  • ➕Folding frame
  • ➖Long charge

xDevice xBicycle 14

best electric bicycle

xDevice xBicycle 14 is another folding representative of top electric bikes for a city. It is an updated model, in which the manufacturer has tried to consider all the wishes of users. It is designed for an adult biker weighing no more than 120 kg. The typical urban model has a rigid fork, without depreciation.

The wheels of a small diameter of 14 inches are good for an asphalt surface. Speed is only one, as the bike is recreational. The braking system is disc mechanical brakes. The electric motor is equipped with 250 Watt power. The features include a holder for the phone with a recharge function. Mileage up to 60 km, which makes it the best commuter e-bike for long rides, but there are nuances. It charges for about 4.5 hours.

  • ➕Compact
  • ➕Easy to fold
  • ➖Battery opens with the key

Himo C20

ebike reviews

This electric bike is designed for easy trips around the city if your weight does not exceed 100 kg. It is the maximum load that this bike can withstand. Its frame is made of aluminum alloy. The bike is rigid, there is no depreciation. So, trips to bumpy natural terrain are not the most suitable solution.

The brakes are disc mechanical. Only six speeds, the adjustment of which is the responsibility of the rear Shimano switch. Equipped with an engine with 250 W. It takes only 6 hours to charge. The steering wheel and pedals are foldable. It is the heaviest top-rated e-bikes.

  • ➕Convenient location of the battery
  • ➕Appearance
  • ➖Weight 21 kg

Volteco Intro 500W

top electric bikes

Volteco Intro 500W is at the bottom of our electric bike ratings. It has an SR Suntour XCM double suspension soft fork with spring elastomer construction and rear shock HLT-620. The frame is made of steel and can withstand a person weighing less than 110 kg. The bike is equipped with mechanical disc brakes WinZip, with high reliability, which allows you to make any emergency stops.

Regarding the transmission: the bike has only seven speeds with a Shimano Tourney RD-TX switch. The engine has considerable power – 500 W. In general, this is not the worst model of electric bike, has a reliable display, reliable electrical component, quality brakes.

  • ➕Battery is in the frame
  • ➕Foldable
  • ➕Good brakes
  • ➖High price
  • ➖Need a custom fit

An electric bike is an excellent transport for a city dweller. The maneuverable, environmentally friendly bike will help you get to the right point, even if you do not want to pedal.

When choosing an electric bike, first of all, pay attention to the motor – the main difference between an electric bike and any other. Motor power is an important indicator. The higher its power, the higher speed the bicycle develops, as well as the higher its traction – the ability to quickly start and overcome the ascents.

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