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4 Wheel Bicycle for Children and Adults! How to Buy a 4 Wheel Bicycle?

4 Wheel Bicycle

The 4 wheel quad bicycle is usually associated with children and their first steps to handle cycling, but this is not entirely true. Variants of DIY 4-wheel bicycles for adults began to appear in the mid-19th century, shortly after the invention of two-wheeled designs. Custom 4-wheel bicycles appeared almost immediately after the invention of the bicycle.

Drawings from the mid-19th century, where engineers tried to combine carriage technology with pedal drive, are known to prove the statement above. It is interesting to note that half a century later, the first cars also had their “bicycle” versions, with one or two pairs of pedals. These 4-wheel bicycles with motors were called “bikemobiles”.

Even later, in the 80s and 90s, the peculiarities of mass production have excluded various non-standard bike layouts, and for us, the hero of the article, along with the tricycle, became exclusively a 4-wheel bicycle for kids and trainees.

Who Needs the 4-Wheel Bicycle for Adults?

Who Needs the 4-Wheel Bicycle for Adults?

Bicycle structures with 4 wheels have a separate name – the quad sport 4 wheel bicycles. Who might need such an exotic thing? Let’s analyze in more detail:

  1. Elderly people. Why do they prefer the 4-wheel bicycle electric? This kind of bike does not require keeping balance, you can stop at any time with no risk of falling. You can use this 4-wheel drive bicycle as your mini-car, so you will not get tired. This is very good for the elderly and the sick.
  2. Athletes also use such bikes. There are several manufacturers on the market who promote their models to participate in cross country and trials. Such a bike is stable and has a good grip on the softest ground.
  3. The 4-wheel electric bicycle can be also used by adults with children. These bikes can easily be equipped with one or two child seats or the 4-wheel bicycle trailer, and transporting children will be much safer and easier.
  4. Couples in love often use such a 2 person 4 wheel bicycle. A bike ride with the person you love is great, and when you pedal one 4 wheels 2 seater bicycle, it’s even better! These 4 wheel bicycles for two can be rented in parks and recreation areas.
  5. Travelers – they often opt for trikes (large three-wheeled bikes), but there are also good homemade 4-wheel bicycles with a half-lying driver. This type of adult 4-wheel bicycle is called a 4-wheel recumbent bicycle. Over long distances, a conventional bike layout is far from ideal, but a loose set of modules, lots of cargo, and just enough space in a recumbent 4 wheel bicycles is the ideal choice.

​​As you can see, despite the seeming exoticism, this kind of bike is not only worthy of the right to exist but can seriously interest certain classes of riders.

Design Features and 4-wheel Bicycle Parts

Design Features and 4-wheel Bicycle Parts

Some assemblies are not at all different from other adult bikes. For example, the wheels and brake system are the same as in usual bikes. The difference may be only in the number of driven calipers and frames. More often than not, the brakes remain only on the rear wheels and are no different either. The drive in the 4 wheels motorized bicycle is rarely changed, it is the pedals and chain, often one, but sometimes two shifters.

The force is driven on the shaft of the rear wheels, which is different compared to a normal bike. The main difference is the frame and the 4-wheel bicycle steering. The frame is made for a specific model, taking into account many parameters. Some self-made bikes are two conventional bicycle frames, welded by crossing pipes, on which the place for a seat is attached, and the transmission is mounted.

Very often, a four-wheeled bicycle is a two-seater. People are most likely to buy a 4-wheel bicycle with 2 seats, as this is more comfortable. The width of the crossing tubes is wide enough to accommodate two seats at once. In this case, the drive mechanism may be different – as a common shaft with two blocks of pedals, then united by a chain, and separate drives for each rider. There are also simpler mechanisms – when only one person pedals and the other just stays as a passenger.

Pros and Cons of the 4 Wheel Off-Road Bicycles

Pros and Cons of the 4 Wheel Off-Road Bicycles

Four-wheelers aren’t so popular that it’s easy to stop by and ask their owners about the pros and cons of the design. Let’s consider the key factors that influence the switch to a four-wheeled bike.


  • large payload and loading capacity;
  • comfortable seating for the rider in the 4 wheels enclosed bicycles;
  • maximum stability of all bikes available now;
  • interesting and unusual design.


  • high price. Just a few people can afford To buy ready-made bikes, as the cost is high. The reason is the absence of mass production. However, you may try to buy a used 4 wheel bicycle for sale. This would be much cheaper;
  • the complexity of design – the four-wheel bike is difficult to assemble yourself and not easy to repair;
  • its dimensions – it is difficult to put a bike on the balcony or take it up the hill – withsuch transport, you will have to carry it on your back;
  • less reliability – 4 wheels, a complex drive mechanism, additional elements of steering, a lot of welded joints – nodes that can break. Accordingly, the chance of breakage is much higher.

We are assured that a four-wheeled bike is rare but rare enough to be interesting. For all its disadvantages – price, weight, low reliability – this bike is very convenient and can be used in many situations where a simple bike is completely unsuitable.

The low prevalence of such layouts is a consequence of the high price and low demand.

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