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4 Bike Hitch Rack: Types, Tips for Choosing, and Top-5 Hitch Bike Racks

4 Bike Hitch Rack

A bicycle gives its owner an incomparable feeling of freedom. It is freedom from gas stations, traffic, people, and even roads. The most interesting routes, as a rule, are outside the city, so the cyclist is faced with the problem of transporting the bike with the car. It’s great to get in the car and go somewhere out of town – away from the stuffy city bustle, towards the mountains and rivers.

How to Choose a 4 Bike Hitch Rack for Your Car?

And it’s great to take your bike with you so you can leave the car at the campsite and go on a biking adventure. Good thing if you’re going solo: the bike can be stuffed in the backseat or in the trunk if its size allows. But what if you’re a fun company and your two-wheeled “horses” are of the non-skid breed?

Car owners who like to ride their bikes always have this question of how to transport their bikes by car securely, and without wasting nerves. And if you have a family where everyone likes to ride a bike, or you are going to go on vacation, then there are even more questions. Using a 4 bike rack hitch for the car, you can ride on harsh off-roads and roads away from home. Mistakes in choosing such mounts can cause a road accident, damage to your car, or even lead to the theft of your bike. To prevent this from happening, we will try to help you with the right choice of the best hitch 4 bike rack.

To plan a trip to the cottage, on training, or on vacation without spoiled equipment and scratched luggage rack, you need to choose a 4 bike hitch mount rack that meets your needs by comparing the features and nuances of bike racks. Each type has its own characteristics, so the right rack should fit not only your car, but also your bike, and, of course, fit your budget.

Consider Your Needs

How to Choose a 4 Bike Hitch Rack for Your Car?

The key to choosing the right bike mount is to accurately determine your needs and evaluate your current vehicle. The wrong bike mount can be a safety hazard, it can scratch your vehicle and possibly cause your bike to be lost, stolen, or damaged.

Answer the following questions when choosing a 4 bike rack hitch mount:

  • How often will you use it?
  • How many bicycles?
  • What type of bicycle do you want to transport?
  • Do you have an unusual bicycle: one with wide wheels or an unusual frame shape?

For example, electric bike enthusiasts will need the best 4 bike platform hitch rack that can support the weight of an electric bike (most of which weigh an average of 45 lbs), while owners of bikes with wide wheels will need wheel locks that can support the size of the wheels.

And if you have a bicycle with a female frame, know that some mounts will require the use of an accessory to properly fit the bike to the rack. Similarly, if you have several bikes, such as a normal-sized adult bike and a small kid’s bike, you should search for the versatility of the rack. Factors such as wheel size, bike weight, and frame material determine which type of rack is best for you.

Roof Mount for Bicycles

Roof Mount for Bicycles

The old and tried-and-true kind of bike transportation. This is the most common way to transport bicycles. The bike is installed on the roof of the car in an upright position on a special carrier during transportation. Holders for the crossbars of the top rack are used for fixation.

Additionally, you need to use wheel locks. You will need a separate mount for each bicycle. One bracket is designed for one bike, securely fixing the bike at three points, attached to the bars with strong steel brackets. There is a lock with keys, so your bike will not be stolen.

The cost of bike car roof mounts depends on the material, manufacturer, and brand of the car for which it is suitable. Lower priced mounts are made of steel, the kit does not include a theft prevention lock, and they look not properly. The more expensive mounts are made of aluminum, look neat and beautiful, and include anti-theft locks. Regardless of their cost, they perform their function reliably.


Advantages of bike mounts on the car’s top:

  • they are cheap: steel models from as little as $25;
  • bicycles do not need to be disassembled, they can be carried on the roof assembled;
  • Up to 4 bicycles can fit on a standard roof, each requiring a separate fastener;
  • the versatility of the roof hitch bike rack 4 bikes – if you change cars, the mounts can be transferred to the new one and safely used;
  • the mounts are aerodynamic, making it easier to move around with bikes on the roof.


  • need a roof rack system;
  • no matter how aerodynamic the system is, the bikes will still make noise;
  • you have to be constantly mindful of the bikes on the roof, so you don’t drive right into the garage with them;
  • on big cars, it can be difficult to get the bikes in; you have to buy a step or ladder.

Types of Bike Rack Hitch 4 Bikes

Bike racks for car are usually divided into three separate categories: roof rack, tow-bar rack, and rear door rack. All three types have their own pros, cons, and installation features. Roof rack — inexpensive and versatile, and the bike rack on the tow-bar is more expensive but more functional and easier to use. There are also special mounts that can be attached to the tailgate.

Hitch-Mount 4 Bike Rack on the Tow-Bar

Hitch-Mount 4 Bike Rack on the Tow-Bar

Suitable for any car with a tailgate — hatchbacks, wagons, crossovers, minivans, etc. With securing straps, a structure with holders or a 4 bike hitch rack platform on which you can place 2-4 bicycles is attached to the tow-bar. The best available option is the 4 bike rack hitch platform. It should be borne in mind that there may be claims to such a variant of mounts from the traffic police, so it must be equipped with mounts for the license plate with lighting, parking lights, and turn signals.


  • bicycles are behind the car, aerodynamics are unaffected;
  • there are no height restrictions, no need to fear not to pass under the bridge;
  • installing and securing the bicycles with these best 4 bike hitch racks is very easy – they do not need to be lifted onto the roof.


  • it increases the rear overhang of the car, causing loss of balance;
  • bicycles increase the size of the car, you can miscalculate and get into an accident;
  • not suitable for sedans, and in the case of a hatchback you can forget about access to the trunk.

Car Tailgate Trailer Hitch 4 Bike Rack

Car Tailgate Trailer Hitch 4 Bike Rack

Such systems are attached to the back door of the car – there is an opportunity to transport up to 4 units. This type of bike rack 1 1/4 hitch is fairly new, it can be installed on hatchbacks, wagons, SUVs, and minivans. Mounted with hooks, slings, and various devices to the bumper and trunk lid (sometimes there is an option of mounting under the bumper).

The bike is attached in the same way as the attachment to the tow-bar of the car. These best hitch bike rack 4 bikes are bought individually for each car, less often you can see universal mounts for different car types. The cost of these 4 bike racks for SUV without hitch is not much different from the price of tow-bar and roof mounts. But they are much inferior in terms of convenience. This option mounts suitable for those who do not have a tow-bar installed on the car. Plus, you do not have to put the bike on the roof of the car.


  • no height restrictions;
  • no need to lift the bike when installing it;
  • less risk of getting caught by during transportation;
  • it has minimal impact on the aerodynamics of the car.


  • while the bike is attached, there is no access to the trunk;
  • this design is not suitable for sedans, you will have to remove the rear wheel to install it;
  • the back of the car is heavily loaded, increasing the load on the rear door;
  • the bike can obscure the rear lights;
  • you can carry no more than four bikes.
  • in case of an accident, the bicycle and the tailgate of the car will be damaged;
  • high cost for this functionality.

Top-5 4 Bike Hitch Rack Review

  1. Allen sports premier 4 bike hitch rack– the best tailgate mount for your bikes.
  2. Thule Trailway 4 bike hitch rack– this mount is good for both the quality and the price!
  3. Allen sports deluxe 4-bike hitch mount rack (2-inch receiver).
  4. Thule EasyFold XT– perfect foldable rack to help you with the transportation of your bikes.
  5. Allen sports 542rr deluxe 4-bike hitch mounted bike rack.

Always remember that carrying bicycles using the hitch 4 bike rack means that your car is loaded, so you need to adjust the speed to suit the situation. Always check that your bike is compatible with the type of carrier you are interested in, because some types of bike carriers have a frame mount as the main attachment point, while others attach to the wheels or fork.

Also note that many bicycle carriers include adapters for non-standard bicycles, making them easier to transport. Be careful and obey the rules of the road! We hope you found our article useful.

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