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3 Speed Bikes Reviews: A Full Guidance for Choosing the Best 3 Speed City Bike

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Full 3 Speed Bikes Reviews

Our fathers in their youth never dreamed that a bicycle could be multi-speed. Such innovations existed at that time only in Europe: in the mid-20th century, the bicycle with sprockets on the front and the rear wheel was designed in Italy by inventor Tullio Compagnolo.

The number of gears increased from decade to decade, and today (in some models for cycling) there are 1-speed bikes, bike 3 speed, and many more! But is a lot always a good thing? To understand how many speeds a bike has is better, we need to understand whether they make life easier for the cyclist, or they only make it harder. When riding a three-gear bike, it is important to know how to use the gears correctly, to know how to change gears in time so that you don’t break the gears or damage the chain. You also need to know how to pedal correctly so that your knees and feet stay healthy!

What Is the Working Principle of a 3 Speed Men’s Bicycle?

It is worth noting first that the bike’s gears are hidden in the hub of the wheel, namely the rear wheel, which gives us visual appeal. To switch gears, you just need to turn the handlebars in different directions: from yourself and to yourself, so you can choose the best and most suitable speed for a comfortable ride in town, downhill and uphill, or ride in the mountains. The gear ratio is proportionally equal to the number on the handlebar, so the 3rd gear means the biggest ratio. When starting your drive, it is best to select 1 gear. Then, slowly picking up speed, you can shift to 2 speed and at the end to the fastest speed, which is equal to 3 bars on the speed sensor. It’s almost like driving a car with a manual gearbox.

You can change gears while your 3-speed city bike is in motion as well as when your bicycle is stationary. While riding, keep pedaling all the time, but do not put too much pressure on the pedals. As you continue riding, simply turn the handlebar knob and set the desired speed. When the men’s 3-speed bicycle is stationary, you should simply shift the desired speed by turning the handlebar. When you start to move, the speed will change automatically.

With a flick of your wrist, you’ll feel the incline become much easier and smoother as you shift down and, with a tailwind, in the opposite direction, up the gear and second or third-speed section, where thanks to the extra gear ratio, you will drive as fast as the 3-speed commuter bike will allow you.

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Men’s 3 Speed Bike?

3 speed mens bike

If you’ve tried riding a 3-speed men’s bike with an inner hub at least once, you’ll never be able to switch to a regular bike again. It’s like having an iPhone makes it hard to switch to an Android.

What Are the Advantages?

  1. The inner bike 3-speed hub doesn’t need a lot of attention or frequent repairs. Pro cyclists choose a 3-speed hub bike for its ease of use and minimal need for hub gear repair and maintenance. The fact that the best 3 speed hub is hidden makes it possible to keep the right parts working properly for longer and does not need constant lubrication. All of these factors reduce wear and tear on your bike.
  2. No need to lubricate your 3-speed hub bicycle all the time. Dirty hands soiled in grease? You don’t like it when that happens either? We have a solution – buy the best 3-speed bicycles! These bikes are the ones that have permanent internal gear lubrication, so you can switch gears without the hassle.
  3. These bikes are not equipped with a speed change suspension and external gears. Thanks to technology that has made it possible to hide the gears in the hub of the rear wheel, there is no longer a need for bike manufacturers to install derailleurs and cassettes. This makes the bike lighter and removes all unnecessary parts, which negates the possibility of breakage.
  4. There’s less chance of a broken chain or the possibility of a chain coming off. Why you may ask? All the gears are hidden, with the inner hub acting as a kind of protection. The chain doesn’t change gears mechanically like a conventional bike, which helps the chain work better and prevents it from coming off.
  5. The three gear bikes have more range compared to a single-speed bike. Having 3 gears allows you to ride comfortably around town, overcoming the ups and downs. This bike is perfect for the curious cyclist who wants to explore the area with a minimum waste of energy!
  6. An important feature is the safety of the bike! The fact that the gears are shifted in such a way that your hands do not detach from the handlebars, makes the bike safer. It is enough to change speeds by simply turning with a twist handle.
  7. You can change speeds when the bike is stationary! But only if it is the best three-speed bikes. One of the main reasons to buy this bike is to be able to change speeds when standing and when in motion. Now you can forget about long gear changes and constant footwork while pedaling.

What Types of 3-Speed Bikes Are There?

bike 3 speed

3-speed Touring Bike

Touring bikes are ideal for long rides with fairly heavy riding and bad roads. This option is a very reliable, durable, and comfortable bike with great features. To go many miles, this bike gives you the right frame design, good maneuverability, and great speed. The selection among these bikes is huge, so you’re sure to find one that’s right for you!

Utility 3 Speed Bike

This bike is the perfect bike for delivery around town, to get to work, or just to ride around the town. Their frames are heavy and medium-sized, but they stand out for their monolithicity and durability. Moreover, it retains all the qualities of a 3-speed bike.

Road Bike

What’s good about a road bike? They are designed to ride on any road, from city streets to trails. If you live in a metropolis with a lot of traffic and people, this bike will be your best friend! The best 3-speed commuter bikes will give you comfort and speed opportunities on city streets!

Cruiser Bike

A popular choice among people who prefer a comfortable and relaxed ride. Also, these bikes are safe for city streets. Curved handlebar backs, balloon tires, heavy frame, and many other features that make it comfortable for the cyclist. Long distances are easy to cover on these bikes and do not feel tired after the ride.

Best Bike Brands


The California-based company focuses on making three-speed cruiser bikes with a focus on build quality and detail. If you are looking for a comfortable and reliable bike, then the best thing is to go to the Firmstrong website and start choosing the best bike for yourself!


The sixthreezero company was also founded in California and also manufactures cruiser bikes. The company is renowned for its concern for the convenience of people and the quality of bicycle assembly.


One of the oldest and most famous American bicycle companies. More than 100 years of impeccable reputation is definitely a plus for the brand. From year to year, the company produces high-quality and comfortable models for everyday use.

What’s the Price Range for 3-Speed Bikes?

The cheapest bikes start at $200 and go up to $500. These bikes have options for the whole family. The middle class starts at $600, the highest price for a middle-class three-speed bike is $900. These bikes are durable, built with the finest materials, and perform well. The most expensive bikes start at 1000 dollars. If you are looking to buy yourself the best 3-speed commuters bikes then be prepared to pay a lot of money, but you will get the best quality on the market and many benefits.

The Best 3 Speed Bike Reviews

3 speed city bike

After a detailed study of our review, we hope that you have already appreciated all the advantages of buying a bike with three speeds for yourself. Let’s repeat for a better understanding of the advantages: it is easy to use, stylish and neat appearance of the bike, lack of repair and maintenance costs and, perhaps most importantly, safety. The challenge now is choosing the bike that works best for your needs, so we will try to help you to choose by listing the best 3-speed bikes. All of them are available in the US and Europe.

  1. The Explore Your Range bike by Sixthreezero is a great bike for the city. With a lightweight aluminum frame, the bike is very fast and manoeuvrable. Also, Explore Your Range is able to conquer any terrain within the city and beyond.
  2. 3 Speed Cruisers by Sixthreezero: Around The Block. The most suitable bike for family city trips. Travel comfort and painlessness are guaranteed by the high build quality and the well-thought-out shape of the bike frame.
  3. Pure City Classic: the name speaks for itself. Simple and tasteful! Every detail of the bike has been thought out by specialists so that you can simply enjoy cycling and not think about anything.
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