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3 Best Bike Messenger Movies: The List Of The Movies About Bike Messengers You May Like

Best Bike Messenger Movies

Sometimes the greatest filmmakers are inspired by the most ordinary things, like the bicycle. This democratic and ecological means of transportation has repeatedly been at the center of the plot of films, and the best movies about bicycles are not necessarily dedicated to cycling sport or cycling athletes, many of them are bicycle messenger movies as paradoxical as it may sound. Though, on the other hand, there’s nothing strange about it: many people have a “two-wheeled friend”, and not surprisingly, it becomes a witness of various life situations. The bicycle courier movies are the perfect example of movies about everyday life, as couriers usually use the bike to get the job done. In films, as we know, everything is like in life, only slightly rethought.

Among the variety of cinematic works, presented in specialized resources, it is not difficult to find movies about the bike. In some films, the bicycle is “present” even in the title: “The Boy with the Bike”, “Bicycle Snatchers”, “Bicycle Bandits”. But the list of bicycle movies does not end there, of course. “The Flying Scotsman,” “Going Away,” “American Lightning,” “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure,” “Holiday Day” – all these films are connected with a common thing- the bike. In the center of the subjects of these films are a vehicle and its owner. A separate category is made up of pictures about cyclists or those who only dream of getting into cycling: “Phantom Pain”, “Tour de Chance”, “The Cyclist”. These movies are about the will to win and the dream that can be achieved by cycling. Recently, the bike courier movies became very popular, that is why we have decided to prepare a bicycle movies list for you to watch!

The diversity of thematic cinema allows you to watch movies about the bike to everyone, regardless of what genre the cinephile likes. In our selection of movies about bike messenger, there are comedies, dramas, sports and adventure movies, and action movies. All films have one thing in common: after watching them, you definitely want to get on your bike to feel the freedom and the wind in your hair.

Our TOP-3 bike messenger movies are inspiring. They are motivating. You can watch them by yourself or with a girl as a couple. These movies are not just about bicycles, but about stories, feelings, emotions, and experiences. With them, the evening is guaranteed not to go to waste.

Premium Rush – the most exciting bike messenger movie (2012)

bike messenger movie

Premium Rush is a film by American director David Krepp, the creator of many famous films such as Angels and Demons and War of the Worlds. This time, the director has decided to make a bike messenger movie, which is difficult to define to any one genre: it is an action and thriller, and the comedic elements in this film are also present.

It would seem that there is nothing that can interest the viewer. The plot is quite trite and simple, a little unrealistic. There are no popular Hollywood stars among the actors, except for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays the main role in this movie. However, the Joseph Gordon-Levitt bicycle movie turns out to be much better than it initially seems.

The main character, Wiley, is a daredevil who literally “lives” his job. His job is to ride around New York City like a madman, breaking all kinds of traffic rules and delivering various parcels from one end of Manhattan to the other. Wiley is the best in his profession, and besides him, there are several other slightly less reckless messengers working in the office, including his girlfriend, with whom he has had a little misunderstanding lately.

One day Wiley receives an envelope from a Chinese woman, a student at Columbia University, and his girlfriend’s roommate, and an order to deliver the envelope to the right address. But as it happens, the envelope is discovered by a dirty cop who is in desperate need of money, and he gets on Wiley’s tail. And then the race in this bicycle delivery movie is on.

The whole Joseph Gordon-Levitt bicycle movie is just a few hours in the life of the messenger, but, nevertheless, during this time the director managed to reveal well the nature of his movie’s characters. Wiley is not just a crazy cyclist, but also a noble guy. He is willing to go to great lengths to help a loved one who really needs help. “Premium Rush” is not just a race: the bike courier movie is full of funny moments, and in general, it is watchable in one breath. It is not immediately clear what is going on in the movie and what the point is. But that makes “Premium Rush” even more interesting. Flashbacks alternating with the gradual development of events help you understand what is going on.

Don’t look for deep meaning in this movie about bike messenger – it is not there, but it is possible to spend an hour and a half watching it and get a lot of positive emotions. We advise “Premium Rush” to those who like races, bikes, New York and do not expect from the film too much. It is not so much an action movie – there is almost no fighting, no weapons, no fights, no special effects, but there is a daredevil doing unimaginable things on his bike.

Line of Sight – a documentary movie about a bike messenger (2012)

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A classy documentary about ripped-off guys (and even girls) who blatantly and cynically flout the rules of the road, safety, and common sense throughout the film. Unlike other bike messenger movies, Line of Sight is a documentary bicycle messenger movie about racing across 30 cities in more than 20 countries. This movie will show you around and you will see the world, staying at home. The main character, Lucas Brunelle, has customized his helmet with an action camera to show you Mexican expressways, the Great Wall of China, the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and many other beautiful places.

We have included this movie in our bicycle movies list for those who love travel and bikes, as it is a perfect match. There are no other films like that, so make yourself popcorn and start watching this bike delivery movie.

To live & Ride in LA- a street- life documentary about the bikers

bicycle delivery movie

Have you ever been to Los Angeles? If not, this bicycle courier movie is just right for you, as the movie reveals in detail the bicycle community of the dynamic city. Even if you are a citizen of Los Angeles, we bet you have never seen this unique and vibrant culture of the street bikers of L.A.

The bicycle delivery movie will plunge you into a different world, will guide you through rush-hour traffic races up to the loft parties at midnight. Watching this film, you may feel the city and see its busy streets, alleys, and parks. Spots off the map, the Wolfpack, alley races together with local L.A. crews, famous personalities, and artists- all these are present in the bike delivery movie.

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